Surveillance that works for you

ID Video Solutions is a full-service Video surveillance company based out of Merrimack, NH. We apply unique video technology solutions for both commercial and residential applications.


Our strategy is the ideal starting point for a successful solution with your budget our priority during planning. Then, using state-of-the art DVR and other related CCTV equipment, ID Video will install your customized system as laid out and as mutually approved, on precise draft plans. Click below to learn more about our strategy.


High-def surveillance!

Analog is a thing of the past. The latest in CCTV is all digital, and all MEGA-Pixel. Nearly every current CCTV installation is obsolete thanks to this quantum leap in video capture technology. Gone are the days of blurry and unrecognizable CCTV recordings. With cameras capable of recording in HD and beyond, you will always have the footage you need. These HD Systems are now in a price range that makes them not only affordable, but also a must have upgrade to all existing analog systems. This is a technology with staying power, and will remain relevant long into the future. 

Unique solutions for your business

No two businesses are the same. We believe the security supporting your business operations should reflect the specific needs of your company. That's why we offer unique Video Surveillance solutions


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Covert Surveillance

Covert Surveillance was the start of ID Video Solutions. Our Founder coordinated hundreds of confidential installations for very sensitive investigations. System design, installation and data review were commonly managed by our founder due to the confidentiality and significance of obtaining a successful final result.


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